August is set to be a month of absolute fire! Mi Casa’s new album, Familia, is going to get you on your feet, grooving for days.

“6 years ago, we were complete strangers, today we are brothers – familia.  6 years ago, nobody knew who we were, today we have thousands of fans all around the globe, our familia. This album is all about our journey as brothers, as a band, as a group, as a team, as a movement, as a familia.” – Mi Casa

The adored, award-winning funky trio made up of a DJ, vocalist and trumpeter are back in the game with that distinct sound that they are known and loved for. This album will remind you of why Mi Casa has remained a favourite for all South Africans.

This new album comes from a place of deep soul searching and collective reflection. It is inspired by heritage, culture and the countries that the band members come from – South Africa and Portugal. “From the old South African house classics, to traditional Portuguese music and exploring the countries that musically inspire us such as the Brazilian sound, the sounds from Cabo Verde, especially the legend Cesaria Evora, and the dance scene in the UK. We have been soaking up so much music, letting it digest so that we could produce what we believe is the best music we’ve ever made.”

Now, there is something that no one knew – this soulful band almost broke up five months ago. The band experienced something that had never happened between them before. They were arguing and experiencing issues, which is bound to happen to any family. They called the album Familia to reflect their relationship as brothers who have come a long way in their musical journey. Through communication and being open with one another, Mi Casa managed to keep the band together; as the saying goes, love conquers all. “This band is everything to us. We really believe that because we managed to get through that moment we are able to make the music that we have always dreamt of making and that’s the music that you will be hearing really soon.”

We wait with bated breath for the 5th of August when the album hits the music shelves nationwide.

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