MSC Orchestra MSC Cruises

Cruises are back, and they are enjoying high levels of interest from holidaymakers – if statistics and Instagram feeds are anything to go by. With that in mind, we also note the elevated environmental impact cruises have – and explore the steps cruise liners are taking to mitigate adverse effects on marine ecology and more. 

MSC Cruises, the number one cruise line in Europe, South America and South Africa recently put the MSC Orchestra in South African waters, in the buzzing and festive Durban coastline. BLQ was there to celebrate and experience the best of cruise life. ‘’South Africans have shown us that they enjoy cruising’’ Managing director of MSC Cruises Africa, Ross Volk enthusiastically stated. 

Sailing Orchestra

The second ship of the Musica class. The MSC Orchestra boasts 5 restaurants, 8 bars, a theatre, 2 pools, a gym and a spa. It can host 3 225 passengers. Essentially, the Orchestra is a lively resort and a hub of fun. A delight for holidaymakers as it offers multiple leisure features. There’s plenty of tasty food, beverages, relaxation, and entertainment for all ages and predilections. 

The cruise liner caters for all. While on-board this majestic liner, we were treated to musical performances by acclaimed artists; MiCasa and Pascal & Pearce that got guests moving to the beats.

Cruises are preferred for their multiple service offering. Cruising is becoming an increasingly popular option for South Africans in particular, as it is an all-inclusive and affordable vacation for all types of holidaymakers in need of a great travel experience. 

Where to Next?

The Orchestra will be doing 39 cruises in Southern African waters over the next six months, travelling to destinations such as Pomene, Cape Town, Portuguese Island, Mauritius and Walvis Bay.

MSC Orchestra MSC Cruises

Cruise into your 2020 Vision

MSC has stepped into an innovative terrain for travel, with new cruise offerings – to appeal to younger markets. The leisurely cruise liner now offers smaller cruise options. Millennials in particular, are choosing travel experiences that are highly ‘instagrammable’; hashtag cruise life. 

Furthermore, with the new decade being posited as one of renewed hope. This energy is translating into travel. MSC ushers into 2020 with new travel solutions, for diverse travel needs. MSC has decided to bring two ships to South African shores for next year’s 2020/2021 cruise season. 

This marks the first time that two different class MSC Cruises’ ships namely; the MSC Opera and MSC Musica – will be deployed in the country at the same time. With this bold move, an additional 50 000 people can now discover the best of cruising. 

‘’An additional 50 000 people can discover why cruising is such a great holiday option’’

The Environmental Impact of Cruises

As appealing and as popular cruises are – they do have vast, documented detrimental impacts on the environment. According to a report card released by ‘Friends of the Earth’ (Foe), notwithstanding the environmental impact of cruise ships, cruise line companies are still largely doing a poor job at reducing air and water pollution (Guardian, 2016). 

Fighting for a more healthy and just world, Foe’s report card provides insights to vacationers and holidaymakers to decide on which cruise to take, based on a cruise ship or cruise line’s environmental and human health impacts.

MSC ‘s Pledge to Sustainability 

In light of the adverse effects cruise liners contribute toward the environment, MSC has taken on a sustainable approach to curtail and mitigate the impact. 

The oceans and seas have always been the basis of MSC Cruises, as such, they feel a deep responsibility to preserve and protect them, rightly so.

The cruise liner announced another new chapter in its environmental stewardship programme. Through the introduction of a commitment to eliminate single-use plastics from its entire fleet globally and introduce sustainable alternatives where available. MSC is playing its part to curb wastage and protect the environment, and oceans. Sustainability is now at the core of the cruise liner’s focus. 

‘’With a new decade coming up, we’d like to see brands make a concerted effort and commitment toward holistic, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.’’

MSC Orchestra MSC Cruises

With a new decade coming up, we’d like to see brands make a concerted effort and commitment toward holistic, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This is also an active call for consumers to discern and seek out sustainable and greener holiday plans. It is up to us to shape, nurture and advocate for the environment. 

So, ship ahoy! Cruises are back, and they’re now better than ever. With MSC offering personalized cruise consultations to plan unforgettable cruise vacations, this is an opportune time to explore and travel. We, at BLQ, had a splendid time aboard the Orchestra, cruising away. 

MSC Orchestra MSC Cruises

BLQ Sails the MSC Orchestra
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