It is often during the last stretch of winter, as we head to the second part of the year, that we start dreaming of long holidays. It is also a good idea to plan your annual holiday in advance to give ample time for finding the best deals and proper planning. With so many options available, have you ever considered having your holiday on the ocean? 

Cruise ships are a wonderful option for stress-free family holidays. Here’s what you can expect from a cruise ship vacation:

Cruise ships are not small fishing boats, so if you are hesitant to book a cruise holiday because you think you might feel sick, rest assured – large, modern cruise ships are built with smooth sailing in mind. They’re designed with stabilizers to minimize rocking, and should you fall ill for any reason, there are doctors on board who are able and equipped to help. 

One of the other reasons why people are uncertain about cruise liners is that you are essentially fixed on the ship for a number of days, depending on the cruise. However, cruise liners offer a variety of activities and entertainment, and the chances of you getting bored are as slim as kids saying no to free ice cream.

One of the unique advantages of going on a cruise liner is the variety on offer. From adventure and sports activities to spa treatments and relaxing by a variety of swimming pools, top quality shows and live music, and of course a wide offering of food and drink. Chefs and culinary staff aboard cruise ships are first-rate, and you’ll get a chance to try foods you’ve probably never even heard of. Most cruise packages include water, coffee, tea and most meals. Soft drinks and speciality drinks are often added onto your bill separately, as is any alcoholic drinks. Be sure to check and compare cruise line packages so that you are certain on what you will still spend once onboard. 

Holiday On The Sea

Extra costs also include what you choose to spend upon docking at ports. One of the great appeals of travelling on board a cruise ship is that you get to see different places but remain in the same room. Besides the port stops, the ship itself is the destination. Ultimately it’s this variety on ships that guests find so pleasurable during cruise holidays.

Expect all standard cruise rooms to be smaller than hotel rooms; however, the suites, depending on the type, can be quite spacious. Cruise liners offer a variety of rooms so it will be worth doing some investigation to what’s on offer beyond price point. 

A cruise holiday can be a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with new people as well, a word to the wise though – upon docking – always make sure to be back on the ship on time. The captain will not wait for you so make sure you plan your time well. 

One of the newest additions of cruise liners is the MSC Seashore. The MSC Seashore will perform a seven-night itinerary calling at the ever-popular ports of Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina, and Valetta. The MSC Seashore will be the third ship in the innovative Seaside generation, following MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview, which launched in 2017 and 2018 respectively. This ship is also the first of two enriched Seaside Evo ships with extended public spaces and more cabins with the highest ratio of outdoor space per guest of any ship in the Company’s fleet. 

Sales for the MSC Seashore’s Western Mediterranean voyage is now open. 

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