Prawnery Restaurant In Illovo

Words: Dineo Monareng

We love inspirational tales about food. What better way to bring people together than over storytelling and flavoursome meals. And as Socrates once said, ‘’let food be thy medicine’’.

A Tale about White Tabletops and Seafood 

Prawnery Restaurant In Illovo

A call from Handmade Contemporary (HMC) patrons, led to the establishment of a fully-fledged vibrant seafood bistro. Located in Illovo bordering Hyde Park, Sandhurst, Melrose and Inanda, the Prawnery is the seafood lover’s repository. 

We arrived at Prawnery in the late afternoon around 4 pm, as we entered we were taken by the dim-lit bar area as well as the artisanal design of the restaurant. The head chef; Tinashe Mafaraikwa, affectionately known as ‘Mafara’ by patrons, welcomed us with cheer as we asked for menus. 

The Food

Nibbles and starters include the tasty ‘Prawn Sambal’, ‘Swedish Skagen’ – we recommend you also try the deep-fried soft shell crab with wasabi mayo. 

Prawnery Restaurant In Illovo

For a main dish, try out the six (6) queen prawns and ½ baby chicken for ZAR 240. The prawn scallop pasta is another main that goes well with a stunning wine glass or two.  

For dessert, we recommend their signature ice-cream and cake of the day. 

A highlight of their menu is the 1kg of king prawns for ZAR 395, lemon grilled with garlic and parsley or peri-peri – served with a complement of hand-cut chips or steamed vegetables. The food experience was sealed with white cloth tables and black cutlery.

Prawnery Restaurant In Illovo

‘’Fresh food, crisp ingredients, vibrant personalities’’ 

The Prawnery is highly sought after, reservations are essential. We also enquired if corkage was permissible, to which the head chef stated yes. It’ll set you back ZAR 50. 

We set out after a refreshing glass of bubbles and fragrant servings of prawns and shellfish. A late afternoon well spent. 

Prawnery Restaurant In Illovo

Seafood lovers will be thoroughly pleased with the offering at the contemporary Prawnery.  You can follow their Instagram page at reserve your seats at . #BLQFood

Prawnery Restaurant In Illovo

Eat & Be Merry - Prawnery, Illovo
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