BLUNT Umbrellas, a company founded in New Zealand stand by the statement that they make the world’s strongest umbrellas and lay claim to creating the only umbrellas on the market with fully tensioned canopies.

The BLUNT Umbrella aim is not just to redefine the umbrella itself, but the entire throwaway culture. Each year millions upon millions of broken umbrellas are discarded. Very few are repaired or recycled, so the vast majority of them end up adding to the pollution buried in landfill sites. This wastes money and time, and all the time and resources that went into making products that simply weren’t up to the job in the first place.

With 3 uniquely designed collections, BLUNT umbrella offers a dynamic and tailor-made range of umbrellas for the urban dweller, golfer, and corporate alike.

The future of design is here and focuses on human-centred needs.

BLUNT Umbrellas

For more information visit BLUNT Umbrellas South Africa.

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