The Glass Recycling Company

The Glass Recycling Company

15 October 2019

Organisations have cautioned about climate change for eons and people are starting to not only listen, but actively engage on solutions. 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about recycling? It’s too much work? You can’t recycle as you don’t have the bins, or you don’t know how to start? These are some of the excuses many of us tell ourselves. 


Who is TGRC ? The Glass Recycling Company

The Glass Recycling Co (TGRC) is an organisation that is on a national mission to change this common misconception on recycling. The idea of driving interest in recycling is what inspired the ‘Art for Glass’ competition. This competition was centered around bridging the gap between recycling and creativity with the use of talented graffiti artists. 

Finalists for the competition were shortlisted and the top three finalists were given the chance to brand select glass banks with their graffiti around Johannesburg. After an intensely competitive deliberation the winner was chosen. First place went to the exceptionally talented Dbongz Mahalathi. A self-taught, graffiti/street artist from Mohlakeng, located in the west of Johannesburg. His graffiti career began in 2008 participating in street art. He fell in love with the vibrancy graffiti gave to everyday spaces. Second place was awarded to Durban resident, the Damn Vandal and third place went to artist, Mars.


‘’Art draws attention ‘’


Man With The Plan The Glass Recycling Company

Shabeer Jhetam, CEO of TGRC, is a passionate and driven individual who has made it his personal purpose to not only inspire individual recycling, but he also wants to tackle unemployment by roping entrepreneurs in. The glass recycling co. neither buys nor sells glass but provides potential recycling entrepreneurs with the information regarding running your glass recycling business, whether you are a collector, entrepreneur or buy-back centre. They are able to direct you to where you need to go.


The Need To Recycle The Glass Recycling Company

As mentioned earlier, organisations, lobbyists, environmentalists and more have cautioned about the perils of climate change.  Fortunately, people are starting to pay more attention to the message. As it is no secret that our weather is no longer the same, sprouts of natural disasters are on the rise, not to mention the disappearing ice caps.

Living in South Africa, we are relatively concealed from the worst disasters but for how much longer? This dire concern for the environment prompted TGRC to punt and promote recycling through glass banks. They currently has over 4000 glass banks nationwide in their bid to alleviate this international problem. 


Watch our day with Jhetam as he gives insights, facts and opinions about recycling on a national and international scale. #BLQArt 


The Glass Recycling Company

The Glass Recycling Co. offers an artistic perspective to recycling
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