Words by Gugu Masuku

The first-generation BMW X4 was launched in 2014, but it feels like only yesterday. 200 000 units later, BMW has introduced a second version of this particular X, which they have heralded as their Sports Activity Coupe. Naturally, as this is the new X4, the vehicle has grown by a few millimetres in almost all of its proportions (length, width, and wheelbase), and I’m pleased to announce that it not only looks bigger but also carries greater presence than its predecessor. The interior of the X4 is adequately spacious and offers a generous luggage area, all thanks to that coupe-style boot.


The vehicle has grown by a few millimetres in almost all of its proportions


Regarding its external appearance, the X4 is clean and smooth. The front and rear have changed considerably, with the former falling in line with its new generation siblings. Its rear end, on the other hand, doesn't resemble any existing stablemate; however, it does look very similar to that of the Mercedes-Benz GLE. I like it nonetheless—it’s a fresh design for BMW and a very noticeable one at that. The new X4’s kidney grille has a three-dimensional look, enveloped by two twin LED headlamps, which are now offered as standard features, including LED taillights.


Two M performance models are on offer here: the M Sport X and the M Sport. Both come appropriately dressed in 20-inch alloys, and you can play around with the interior trims to suit your preference. Little details, such as the X logos embossed on the doors, personalise the X4 experience even further and, as we’ve all come to expect, there’s a long list of options for buyers to explore. The new X4 boasts a new-generation adaptive cruise control with a stop and go function, which enables the vehicle to swiftly move off again after coming to a complete stop, without any coaxing from your right foot. There’s also the Park Assist Plus feature, which comes with the Remote 3D View function—essentially allowing you to check on your vehicle remotely through your smartphone, and it gives you a live 3D image of the car, which enables you to see everything around. How deep you dive into that list of goodies will really come down to the size of your pockets.



On the business end of things, the X4’s road manners proved superior to what we’ve come to expect from SUVs like the X3, for instance. The X4 feels a lot more planted and sturdy through bends when driving at high speeds, bringing it very close to that “Sheer Driving Pleasure” BMW prides itself in and has become known for—it’s a way of engineering that perfectly suits my style of driving, and I’m sure many others too.


The X4’s road manners proved superior to what we’ve come to expect from SUVs


In the M performance models, the vehicles don’t only come wearing big 20-inch wheels with big brakes to match, but they’re also fitted with a limited slip differential specially designed for these vehicles, giving the driver assurance and confidence through corners. As we speak, two petrol derivatives of the X4 (a 2.0i and M40i) and one diesel in the form of a 2.0d are available locally. We should have an M40d version by as early as the first quarter of 2019, and when that happens you’ll be the first to know!

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