Put a fresh twist on the classic gin & tonic with these cocktail recipes

Nothing says weekend like a refreshing G&T next to the pool. And with artisanal gins growing in popularity in South Africa, there is even more reason to treat yourself with one of these trendy cocktails (or two, or three). Here in South Africa you have the unique chance to join this gin-revival as the country is pioneering this global movement with local producers infusing their products with never before used indigenous plants such as rooibos and African ginger.

The President Hotel’s Sommelier and Gin connoisseur, Job Jovo shares his expertise in the craft and how you can make the most of the festive fun. While you might not particularly enjoy the bitterness of tonic or be able to stomach a sip of pure gin, the blissful combination of the two comes down to a science. “The flavoured molecules of the juniper berry (used in making gin), softens the sharp taste of tonic, thus creating the classic gin and tonic,” says Jovo. Here, Jovo offers his top three favourite local gin cocktails offered at the President Hotel that will take your mixology skills to another dimension.


Named after a hoax that originated in the bars in NYC in the 1800s, the Tom Collins has made its mark as one of the most iconic gin and tonics available as a refreshing sour gin for any occasion.


50ml Triple 3 Juniper Berry Gin

30ml lime juice

25ml cane syrup

Soda Water


Start by pouring the gin in a glass. Add fresh lime juice with a dash of soda water and for sugariness mix in your cane syrup and serve.



There is nothing better than homemade Gin Fizz, the mixture of the best gin cocktail using locally produced artisanal gin for a spirit that offers up fruity flavours unique to African wild botanicals.


45ml Woodstock gin

15ml Lime juice

35ml Cane syrup



Slice of lime

Splash of tonic water


In a highball glass, add gin with fresh lime juice. Add the cane syrup for sweetness, throw in the strawberries and cucumbers and blend. To top it off, add your slice of lime and tonic water to really make your drink fizz.



Whether you are a cocktail or gin lover, the Triple Three Raspberry delight is definitely your new companion. The Triple 3 African Botanicals gin is one of the finest blends created in the Cape.


50ml Triple 3 African Botanicals Gin

Kiwi puree

Muddled lime

Fresh mint leaves

Tonic water


Grab a glass, add lime and fresh mint leaves and muddle to blend. Throw in gin and kiwi puree, and finish off with tonic water and stir until one smells the mint and serve.

Not in the mood to whip up your own drinks? The President Hotel has all the above refreshing cocktails and much more available poolside with a panoramic view of Lions Head and the Atlantic Ocean, making it the perfect place to come to soak up the sun, relax, and rejuvenate.