What do you think of when you hear ‘Mixology’? Is it attractive cocktails and unusual ingredients or wild colours and delicious flavours? Highly likely.

But did you know that there is a lot of science that surrounds the art of mixology?

Although bartending has been around for centuries, today bartending is about more than just pouring a tipple. Bartenders who practise the art of mixology are the inventers of drinks recipes – the chefs of bartending. The art of mixology is about knowing and understanding ingredients and executing techniques that result in cocktails that not only look imaginative but taste exquisite too. Using high-quality spirits and an array of different ingredients, the mixologist crafts drinks that explores the boundaries of flavour and imagination.

One of the favourite high-quality spirits to use in mixology is cognac. This aromatic spirit offers unique tastes, visual impact and aroma.

Remy Martin - Bartender

Premium cognac brand Rémy Martin, held their Bartender Talent Academy event recently where invited guests got to witness and taste the liquid creations of six talented bartenders using the art of mixology.

Remy Martin - Bartender

The Remy Martin Academy is a program designed to showcase the talent of people within the bar community. Where they are not only given an opportunity to showcase their skills in creating cocktails, but includes their storytelling capabilities that demonstrate the inspiration behind their creations. The winner of this global initiative will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and represent South Africa against the world’s best bartenders. This year, George Hunter from Marble in Johannesburg won the first prize, with second place going to David van Zyl from Cause & Effect in Cape Town, and Ryan Ontong from Gorgeous George, also in Cape Town, coming in third.

Keep an eye out for coming articles on www.blaque.co.za that share the recipes of the distinctive cocktails from the six contestants.


Remy Martin - Bartender

Remy Martin - Bartender Talent Academy
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