Spring day is upon us and with the arrival of warmer weather, what better way to celebrate than inviting some friends for an outdoor cocktail party?
Cocktail parties don’t have to be large affairs that require weeks of planning. They can be effortlessly done by playing some good music, inviting people who enjoy the outdoors (and of course sipping on cocktails), and by serving some easy eats like breads, dips, olives and seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Welcoming In Spring

Let the cocktails be the hero by offering your guests a selection of mixes and if you can make your drinks look glamorous, you will be sure to wow your friends.

Premium cognac brand Rémy Martin, held their Bartender Talent Academy event recently and we are lucky enough to have the winning cocktail recipes. Here are some of the recipes that made it into the competition finals. And although these recipes might be a little beyond the skills of a home bartender, recreating some of these unique cocktails, is sure to impress your friends and even make you some new friends.

So get your cocktail shaker ready and be sure you tag us in pictures of your cocktail party on Instagram.

Welcoming In Spring

1. Le Chevalier à la Madeleine by David van Zyl

60 ML Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
50 ML “Paris – Aoyama” tea from Mariage Frères
15 ML cypres syrup
10 ML rose petals syrup
20 ML lemon juice

Method:Shake & double strain

lemon peel and rose buds


2. SAVOIR-FAIRE by George Hunter

60ml Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royale
45ml Banana Beer
25ml Lemon Juice
15ml Dessert Wine 
2 Dashes Bitter Truth Nut Bitters
2 Dashes Angostura Aromatic

Method: Shake & double strain
Garnished with grated dark chocolate

3. Louis Butler by Ryan Ontong

60ml Remy Martin 1738
30ml Red Espresso
10ml Macadamia Nut Oil
10ml KWV Van der Hum
10ml Fernet Branca
5ml Simple Syrup
10ml Cellulose

Method: Shake & double strain
Coconut Sugar Rim

4. The Royal Toffee by Ahe Jafta

60ml Remy Martin 1738
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
25ml Toffee Syrup 
5ml Popcorn Syrup 

Method: Shake & double strain
Serve over ice with toffee on a cocktail skewer 

5. Sugar in My Remy by Mandla Gumede

50ml Remy Martin 1738
25ml Cointreau
25ml Lemon Juice
Handful of Raspberries
4 wedges Red Apple

Method: Muddle, Shake & double strain
2 Raspberries on cocktail skewer 

Welcoming In Spring With Remy Martin
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