Yeezus Walks On Water

Late last Saturday night Armenian music fans were treated to a rare occurrence at the Swan lake-Karapi Lich: an impromptu performance by American rap star Kanye West. The rapper who also goes by the nick name Yeezus mimicked the miracle of Jesus walking on water.

The 21-time Grammy award winning performer appeared on the lake around midnight when his recognisable voice was heard on the surround sound. He splashed around in the ankle high water puddle on the edges of the lake and sang six of his hit songs with excited passersby swarming the spectacle he was creating. Dressed in a maroon velour jacket, grey T-shirt, faded jeans and combat boots, West opened his performance with lyrics from his hit single Good Life according to reports by the UK’s Daily Mail.

West was in the Armenian capital of Yerevan with his reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North along with his wife’s sister Khloe.  The 37 year old rapper’s latest gimmick was certainly well timed as it comes just a week after Easter holidays. Its reference to a Christian miracle may earn him some criticism from the religious community, though waiting for the holidays to pass, though not long enough for it not to matter, is nothing short of shrewd marketing stunt.

West is not new to controversy having recently courted the censure in the US for using the confederate flag in his new fashion range. The confederate flag was originally used by southern states opposed to the union in the American civil war. It was later adopted by the Klu Klux Klan and other racist right wing organisations as a symbol of white pride.