02 October 2019


ASMR has taken Youtube viewers by storm as the newest internet trend. Although Youtube revolves mainly around colourful and informative visuals, this sound-orientated content has audiences putting on their headphones and watching, well – listening, for hours.  

What is ASMR? 

ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a physical tingling sensation that begins in your scalp and moves down through the spine to the limbs. Reads rather poetic, doesn’t it? It is akin to the subjective experience of low-grade euphoria.

What the ASMR movement refers to practically, is an auditory trigger that evokes a sensory experience. Imagine listening to someone brushing their hair or writing with pencil on paper. These sensory experiences are meant to stimulate an emotional response, which may range from relaxation to feeling sleepy or an overall general feeling of well-being. 


‘’Experiencing ASMR has incredible health benefits, such as reduced chronic pain, stress levels and insomnia’’


Trending sensory sound experiences 

Although there has been no solid scientific research behind the phenomenon, online communities seem to love this new sensory experience. A simple search of ASMR on Youtube will give you hits such as:


  • ‘Deep ear ASMR’

  • ‘ASMR study with page-turning and tapping without writing (no talking)’

  • ‘Gentle whispering ASMR’


And if you think it’s all fad, some ASMR videos clock in a flavourful 2.6million views, for videos of eating sounds. 

These numbers might have something to do with ASMR being recommended for people struggling with insomnia and even depression. Several ASMR content creators on Youtube have managed to build a following so large, that it allows them to only do this for a living. And although the jury is still out on whether it actually works or whether it merely distracts the viewer from their worries for a while, the ASMR trend is gaining traction, for now at least. 

Flavoured beer brand Flying Fish has recently brought a live ASMR experience to our shores in collaboration with singer Rowlene Bossman. At the event, attendees were handed headphones to heighten their sensory stimuli, while experiencing the showcase by Bossman, which included her whispering, breathing-in into the microphone, biting into a crisp fresh green apple and squeezing a bright yellow lemon.

So whether you have never heard of ASMR before or whether you are just curious about what effect it might have on you – take a listen and let us know what it does for you. #BLQSounds



‘’The hallmarks of ASMR are whispering, tingling and crisp sounds’’


ASMR tingling sensation




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