20 September 2019

With 2020 now only 3 months away, the realities of 2020 visions, more of generation Z entering and changing the workforce, 5G permeating, and autonomous vehicles are now all actualities.  

Dulux brings a colour of change and soft touches

With faster internet, more accessible augmented reality experiences and robotics being introduced into the market, the one thing we are realizing more is that the human touch has value. Whether we like it or not, the speed of technological advancements is multiplying and with more information and technology imbued in our daily lives, the appreciation for real human connection is simultaneously, also increasing. 

The jury is still out on whether technology will ever be able to replace the human touch, but for 2020, humanism will take centre stage as we embrace technology that enhances our humanity. Chatbots are modelled around human behaviour and responses and mimicked social interactions are becoming the differentiating factor in tech-driven offerings.  

As humanism sets the stage for several 2020 shifts, Dulux has recently launched its Colour Of The Year 2020. Named Tranquil Dawn, the colour is a fluid shade somewhere between green, blue and grey that aims to capture the essence of what makes us human as the dawn of a new decade arrives.

2020 trends

Some other areas where we can see more human-centric design inspiration is in fashion, beauty and in packaging. Many designers are looking towards more natural fibres and palettes for more sustainable and less harmful collections. The beauty industry has seen a huge shift towards being more inclusive to far more skin tones and preferences, and packaging turns to biodegradable and organic materials as we are constantly asked as consumers to be mindful of our impact on the planet and in turn, other humans we share our blue planet with.

Going forward, renewed hope

In and amongst uncertainty and upheaval, a colour like Tranquil Dawn that represents 2020, reminds us to contemplate and indulge curiosity, elicit creativity and celebrate perfect imperfection. 


2020 - A Tranquil Dawn
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