BLQ is Back…

We mentioned that change was coming, and now, change is here. Blaque Magazine has undergone a rebrand, and has a new approach to publishing. Our physical publication is now published quarterly, ergo BLQ stands for ‘Blaque Life Quarterly’. We want it to be a keepsake; something that you will display proudly on your coffee table until the next edition is available. But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll only be able to enjoy the way we celebrate African life every three months. We’ll be pushing content to you digitally, everyday.

We believe that Africa is tired of being spoken down to by Africans. We want to celebrate what Africa is about, and completely shatter the current obsession with Afro-anything. We are not a prefix. We are not an apology. We are not a sub-category at your international Art Fairs. We are not a genre in your music collection. We are not a curio store to be plundered, exploited, or condescended.

We are African.

We are innovative, industrious, and inspiring. We are proud. We are bold.

We are change.

We are

BLQ Logo 2015


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