Change is uncomfortable. New is exciting!

Followers of Blaque Magazine will know the publication is brave, and embraces change. The last issue saw a refining of design and repositioning of the magazine as a quarterly. The October 2015 edition has taken brave steps again. Steps imply moving forward, and we believe that that’s the right direction. We’re anticipating that for some, it might be uncomfortable. We’re expecting there will be discussion about some of our choices. And we’re reckoning there’ll be praise. Because the one thing we’ve kept constant, is our commitment to great content. We’re interested in the stories behind the people who everyone’s talking about. That’s what you’ve grown to expect; treating our subject matter with respect.

Being a quarterly print edition has us wanting to create something that you can proudly display on a coffee table for a few months, and digest at your leisure. And, we want it to be something of a conversation starter. The cover grabs attention, and the content inside equips you for the ensuing conversations you’ll inevitably entertain when you put it on display.

Our new design direction reflects the sophistication of our readers and speaks to their refined sense of style. You look good everyday, and we want to show our appreciation by doing the same…


Blaque Life Quarterly speaks to a man who usually does the talking. A Leader, Captain of Industry, an Influencer. The Decision Maker. 

BLQ celebrates the luxury of a man who has arrived. A man who wants not just the best of things, but the best of everything.

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