13 November 2019

Experiential Travel Experiences

‘Eat, live, explore, indulge, experience, spa and surf.’ Quintessential words for a travel piece or review. These are the kind of words that often pique a keen interest in the minds of hungry travellers. Which comes as no surprise since travel is such a treat. 

Part of the travel experience includes discovering new ways of doing things. If you dream of escaping or yearn for something new, experiential travel is for you. 

‘’Young people are eager to travel and experience new things ‘’

Cruising Experiential

The Beauty of Travel 

A Cornell University study found that people experience an instant increase in happiness from just planning a trip (NBC, 2017). Travel has overall wellness benefits such as; improved health, stress relief and enhanced creativity. As well as an element of education brought about through the immersion in multicultural settings and experiences. It’s a wonderful time to learn things about the world and things about yourself. 

Not only is travel good for taking a break, it actually enhances your outlook. Consequently, the beauty of travelling is multidimensional. As long as you are open to receiving and learning through modish experiences.


‘’Traveling is where you go for happiness’’

Cruising experiential

MSC’s Experiential Fine Art Travel Offering

Cruising Experiential

A brand that has tapped into the experiential travel market is MSC. The luxury cruise line is adding a new twist to its travel packages. They are bringing immersive art and dining to their customer base. Featuring a showcase by artist Edgar Degas, his ‘Danse Dessin’ will be a great drawcard for audiences. The rationale of this niche, artistic inclusion, is to bring guests closer to the world of fine art.

The showcase is housed in a purpose-built installation within the chic L’Atelier Bistro at the heart of the ship’s Mediterranean-style promenade. Degas’ exhibition is the first curation of this unique collection on-board a cruise ship. A first-of-its-kind. 

The Danse Dessin series presents 26 studies of movement and dance and has been exhibited in major international galleries and museums. Not only will guests enjoy a stunning cruise, but they’ll also be wowed and wooed with fine artistry. Bringing together a cultural, enthralling experience. 

MSC Grandiosa will become the second MSC Cruises ship to excitedly feature ‘ZOE’, the world’s first virtual cruise personal assistant. The MSC Grandiosa launches in November. 

Airbnb It

Cruising Experiential

With its core offering being; unique places to stay and unique things to do, Airbnb is a platform that brings together a pool of curious communities. As the world moves toward the digital, and people leading full lives on their mobile devices, this tool is the go-to for keen travellers. 

The digital disruptor has democratised the travelling industry. Layering it with adventures, new experiences, flexibility and accessibility, a QWERTY keypad away.  

It is not without its cons though, such as typical app delays and criticisms of some hosts being racially biased and prejudicial. However, overall it’s currently at the forefront of experiential travel. And the go-to for economical, flexible getaways. 

If you’ll be fortunate enough to go on a lush, or fun getaway this summer, both MSC and Airbnb offer adventure-filled times, for the discerning, socially empowered consumer.

Cruising experiential

‘’A lot of young travellers seek democratic travelling solutions’’

Safe travels and bon voyage. #BLQTravel


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