On the 30th of July 2017, Open at Maboneng will be bursting at the seams with creative energies that will set the city alight as Jozi creatives and other brilliant minds of the creative industry come together for the launch of JustSunday’s third issue, the Kult issue. JustSunday will be collaborating with Night In The Garden to put together a carefully created social exhibition, bringing the up and coming issue to life within the space and giving guests an unforgettable visual experience of what they can expect in the Kult issue.

JustSunday is a magazine dedicated to documenting the dope work that some of Jozi’s creatives are doing; the magazine has given a platform to many artists, well-known and underground. The magazine is a visual diary that celebrates the booming creative culture of Johannesburg.

The third issue of JustSunday will feature artists such as Manthe Ribane and Anthony Bila, prolific artists who will exhibit their work at the launch in Maboneng.

As with all their issues, the Kult issue showcases thought-provoking content that brings their readers’ imagination to life. This issue’s theme is centred on Kults; a concept which in itself is already controversial and has been an ongoing source of contention among scholars across several fields of study. This issue seeks to spark a conversation around the many accents and characteristics that South Africa has. Are they Kults or just common practice? The third issue gave the creative contributors an opportunity to play with the thought of Kult. The contributors were encouraged to re-interpret it, fold it stretch it, turn it upside down, break it and put it back together.

The collaboration between JustSunday and Night In The Garden came naturally as both parties share the common goal of wanting to see the creative industry and those who are a part of it develop.

For more information about JustSunday, you can visit their website on www.justsunday.co.za

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