Mobile technology has come a long way in simplifying our lives and making information easily and instantly accessible. Our phones have gone from being simple devices used solely for calling and SMSing to multi-tasking devices used for GPS navigation, internet browsing and mobile applications. As our lives become more demanding, mobile technology is transforming to meet our quotidian needs. In the context of Africa, where the population is renowned for being the biggest users of mobile phones in the world, mobile technology is not only simplifying our lives but its also helping us solve our most pressing issues. Featured below are four African mobile applications that are contributing towards the development on the continent.


Khula – South Africa

Khula is an award-winning South African app that was developed by Matthew Piper and Karidas Tshintsholo. The app allows farmers to deliver their produce easily and gives them direct access to the marketplace by connecting them to consumers who are seeking locally grown produce. Khula also provides a platform for farmers to gain access to expert advice and mentorship related agribusiness. On Khula, farmers are able to create a profile for themselves, which enables them to manage the demand of their produce and incoming orders from customers. There is also a logistics function that allows farmers to connect with local truck owners who can deliver their produce. “It is an ecosystem so we have a farmer’s app that is linked into the supply chain. We have e-commerce for clients so whether it’s retailers, restaurants or agro-processors, they can buy directly from emerging farmers.”

Last year, Khula was a winner at the MTN Business App of the Year awards.


SafeBoda – Uganda

SafeBoda is the result of a collaboration between entrepreneurs and boda drivers. They have dedicated themselves to improving the standard of the urban transportation industry in Uganda. Their aim is to improve the industry for both drivers and passengers by increasing the number of safe trips taken per day and by making travel around cities convenient and stress-free. One can say that it is the Uber of Africa. According to the founders, “SafeBoda’s aim is to modernise informal transportation and ensure safe access to mobility.”



Jobberman – Nigeria

With unemployment being so rife in many African countries, there is a need for platforms that share opportunities. We are a startup with global ambitions and are savvy to realize them. Jobberman is a Nigerian online career portal that uploads job vacancies in an around Nigeria, and those that are available in other African counties such as Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. The founders have plans of expanding the business to reach the global market. “The market opportunity is exciting; Nigeria is a large country, large working population, and internationally growing. Our long-term goal is simple: to be the ‘go-to’ company for the industry. We don’t only offer job information services, we are here to build careers.” Jobberman Nigeria forms part of the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media and it truly is an innovation that is transforming the hiring landscape in Africa


Appy Saúde – Angola

Access to quality healthcare has always been an issue for many Africans but mobile technology is making things a lot easier for us. Since we are known for being the biggest users of mobile technology, the mHealth industry in Africa is booming due to the fact that many Africans have access to smartphones.  Appy Saúde is a mobile health platform that offers the biggest database of healthcare facilities in Angola. There are over 1800 health providers listed on the app.

Users can access information regarding services offered, medical specialities covered, insurance accepted.  


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