The average man’s beard grows two millimeters per day, there is ample opportunity to create an inflamed skin condition during shaving. As a matter of fact, if the average man starts shaving at age 13 and continues until he is 85 years old, and assuming he spends all of five minutes shaving each day, he will devote over six months of his life to just shaving his beard.

Our skin relies upon the lipid barrier layer for protection. This layer keeps moisture in the tissues and controls the entry of external chemicals from entering the deeper layers of the skin.

During shaving, the barrier layer can be damaged, especially if the man is in the habit of using alcohol-laden aftershaves, which can remove this important barrier.

Once the barrier is broken down, water readily escapes from the underlying tissues, creating a dehydrated skin condition. Chemicals from the environment can now penetrate into the skin, causing irritation and a sensitized skin condition.

Once inflamed, anything can irritate the skin, including daily shaving.

You must understand that there is more to shaving than just the razor! Not only do they need to consider beard type, but also consider skin condition as well. Select an adequate shaving system with products that will assist with pre-shave, mid-shave and post-shave, remember to always use a good moisturiser & wear sunscreen over freshly-shaved skin and shave using carefully selected products.

SIX Man is ideal for the get-up and go-getter and has highly active ingredients, which target men’s specific skincare needs. Ideal for the get-up and go-getter and has highly active ingredients, which target men’s skin care problems, such as razor burn, skin irritations, razor bumps, shaving irritations, sensitive skins and of course anti-ageing.


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