Every drink has its day – craft beer and craft gin became overnight sensations, and while these are still very popular, South Africans are still turning to whisky. Whiskey expert Pierre Meintjes indicated that South Africa had become a large importer of Scotch whisky by volume. A growing middle class and a taste for a ‘lifestyle drink’ is said to have given rise to this preference amongst South Africans. Marco Vandeput, The Glenlivet brand ambassador, says the surge in whisky consumption at whiskey bars is due to South Africans wanting a taste of different amber spirits without necessarily purchasing a bottle. 

Whisky bars are popping up around SA to quench this thirst with knowledgeable staff informing and educating patrons making whisky an even more appealing choice. The core appeal of a whisky bar is that it is an exclusive space for whisky consumers to connect and network, while they expand their whisky universe. 

Whisky is, after all, the drink of choice when closing a deal or celebrating an accomplishment.  Whisky bars provide patrons with unique spaces to share these definitive experiences. Rather than poorly lit spaces only filled with suited businessmen, whisky bars are now spaces made for socializing, trying whisky cocktails and enjoying the lifestyle that this spirit has long since promoted. 

Will you be at 2019’s Durban July? Why not spend some time in The Glenlivet marquee, enjoying a whisky bar experience blended with live music, spectacular fashion and delectable food. 


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