The beautiful thing about musicians is that while their songs are inspired by their own experiences, the listener will always find fragments of their own story in the artist’s songs. This is what you experience when you listen to Stone Jets’ latest offering, Memory. The EP was released digitally in July and the official launch took place on the 4th of September at Café Roux in Cape Town.

In the words of the band itself, Memory is “a worthy step away from the ever-present now.” Each track is a small chapter of a love story many of us will relate to. We’ve all had our fair share of experiences that have left indelible marks on our hearts and minds. Whether it is in romantic relationships of familial connections, we’ll all had a drink—or two—from the cup of heartbreak.                                                                                      

We have all dealt with the agony of feeling like we can’t live without someone, or bore the weariness of being tired of missing them. We’ve all had those staring-out-the-window moments, being taken away by the memory of lost love. And many of us have realised that relationships are about give and take.

Lyrically, Memory is raw and vulnerable; it is an honest retelling of disappointment, heartache, and longing. Sonically, the 7-track EP is soothing and heart-rending. Given Nkanyane’s hauntingly beautiful voice takes you on a transcendental journey through one of life’s most common experiences. Manfred Klose’s subtle but powerful strumming on the acoustic guitar adds to the depth of the EP’s narrative, with Eduan Joubert on the drums to keep the listener anchored to their truth.

Listening to Memory, you can hear that Stone Jets has grown musically, as a band and as individuals. The profound lyricism is balanced by the comforting instrumentals. There’s a maturity to their sound that perfectly displays the importance of perfecting your craft with every project. Their unique reinterpretation of Afro-pop is still present, this time more formidable and moving—it is a reimagination of kwela soul.  

Stone Jets invites you to enjoy the luxury of opening up this time capsule of an album and step away from the demanding nature of living in the now. Without further ado, they present to you Memory.

Memory is available on Apple ITunes and Google Play Music.

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