Words by Lebo Motswatswa

Music is a universal language that has an ineffable ability to thaw even the coldest of hearts. Stone Jets are so fluent in this sublime language that you can’t help but sing along to their jams, even when you don’t really know the lyrics. The powerful synchronicity of bass, drums, and acoustic guitar is moving beyond description; this, coupled with magnificent lyricism, is what makes Stone Jets a band South Africa can and should be proud of.

Stone Jets have been in the industry for just over five years, but they have made such a big name for themselves. They have relished career highlights such as sharing the stage with the likes of the inimitable Bra Hugh Masekela and performing at festivals such as Oppikoppi and Up The Creek. What seems to always amaze them, and inspire them to continue doing what they do, is seeing how people respond to their music. 


“We love inspiring people through our music and enjoy sharing our experiences through music.” – Stone Jets


Their music is intrinsically South African with an international flair. Sonically, this band is distinctively African with mbaqanga melodies dancing seamlessly with pop. They describe their sound as a “fusion of Pop and African elements.” But, their vibe is more than Afro-pop; it is beyond articulation – it is unique and it is what makes this motley crew stand out from other South African bands.

This one-of-a-kind trio consists of three young men who are so different but come together to create something so vibrant and unforgettable. The ebullient Given Nkanyane plays the bass guitar with such majesty, it’s hard to believe that he is a self-taught bassist! He also sings lead and boy does he do the damn thing! His vocals are breathtaking, and his tone and range are otherworldly. Manfred Klose is somewhat of an enigma, it’s enchanting. The way he strums and picks at his acoustic guitar is so beguiling and beautiful, you get lost in the magic of it all. Then we have the quirky Eduan Joubert, who plays the drums with a passion that permeates your entire being. 


“The beating of your heart is my true north” – River


When one listens to Stone Jets, one can’t help but wonder which well they draw from to produce such refreshing tunes. “We listen to a lot of different music and meet different people, experience nature and enjoy everyday things.” For Stone Jets, music is more about the celebration of life than it is about producing something that will be consumed and garner a massive following. The astonishing thing about their music is that it makes you cut a rug, but it also speaks to your heart; both body and soul are fed. 

The lyrics are something to write home about, in fact, they belong in an anthology of poetry. My personal favourite Stone Jets song is River, and the line that gets me every time is, “The beating of your heart is my true north.” This is a beautiful song that is a raw and honest account of the emotions one experiences when one is in love. “We write songs that evoke an emotion or memory for us, but listeners find a way to add their own experiences to our songs, and that’s what we aim to do.”



As with any journey, theirs hasn’t always been easy but they have learned a lot nonetheless. “Its been very exciting, to say the least. We have learned a lot about the music industry by trial and error. We have learned to be patient and that some things take time to achieve. We look forward to future opportunities and curve balls that might happen.”

As a band, Stone Jets hope to “take South Africa to the world and show them what a great country it is.” I can’t think of anyone else who would do a stellar job at representing the richness and diversity of South African music on a global stage. Stone Jets have much to be proud of, and we look forward to hearing more of their music.

Here’s to feeling good through the sound of magic!

For more information on this matchless Cape Town band and a detailed gig guide, visit stonejets.com 

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