Una Rams is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter from Limpopo. This prolific young man is not only the voice of Mzansi, but he has brains too! He studied computer science at the University of Pretoria. Born Unarine Rambani, the 22-year-old is taking the South African Music industry by storm.

Una will drop his new EP at the PUMA SELECT Courtyard this First Thursday, 7 June, from 6pm until 10pm. With singles like ‘Girls Like You’ and “Monies” breaking him into the music scene in a big way, Una has been called the voice of South African youth. The EP launch will feature a rich line-up of talent including electronic producer Muzi, hip-hop and Gqom DJ Uncle Party Time, Soulistic Music’s Soul singer and songwriter Langa Mavuso and supporting acts Thabsie and C-Tea.


PUMA had a chat with Una Rams to find out more about him and his musical Journey.


What can people expect from your appearance at PUMA SELECT Courtyard this First Thursday?

An introduction to the Venda Pop Star, Una Rams, and a heartfelt performance of his latest offering. People will get a chance to experience the magic before it’s publicly available.


What attracted you to becoming part of SELECT Sessions?

Artists often don’t have the platform to express themselves and engage with THEIR audience in a space they can curate themselves. SELECT Sessions gives the artist an opportunity to set the tone and “sing to their own tune”, so to speak.


What inspired this EP and can you tell us a bit about each track?

I had the concept for this EP back in 2016. I didn’t have a clue what it was going to be or how it would turn out, but as time went by things started coming together and we ended up putting together a beautiful masterpiece. Wavy Baby tells a love story between a boy and a mermaid – each song takes you through a different phase in the relationship until it inevitably perishes. We all fall in love and we’ve all probably had our hearts broken one too many times, the reality is that when two people are from two completely different worlds, things don’t exactly play out like they would in a fairytale. Fun fact: the song Joy, that features on the EP, was actually written for an international act — we’ll get to speak about this in the near future.  


Tell us about the video for ‘Girls Like You’ that recently dropped?

That’s just a teaser – there is a full music video that’s coming up and I have a concept, we’re going to revisit that in the near future.


What is the key to blending genres, like Hip Hop, Gqom and Soul music?

Be yourself. Do what you love. Embrace the moment – I create from what I’m feeling and that’s why my music also evokes a lot of emotion. It’s literally a snapshot of my headspace at the time. We live in a world where so many lines have been blurred already, we mix and match so many things – and I for one suck when it comes to choosing, so I go for the best of both worlds.


What makes you and your sound distinct?

I make it. I am probably one of the most peculiar characters you’ll meet your whole life – ask anyone that knows me outside of social media! My music is literally an extension of who I am and I’m often told not to get attached to my songs for business reasons, but I can’t help it. I’m not trying to fit into a template or follow some blueprint, instead I’m doing what I like and I guess that translates to my music being as unique as I am.


If you could choose to collaborate with any local or international artist, who would it be and why?

Langa Mavuso, Muzi, Nasty C, Pharrell, the list goes on (check out my playlists). I love seeing other people be themselves so much, that it becomes apparent in everything they put their minds to, and these guys do that for me!


Your advice to young people starting out in the music business?

Be you. We already have a Drake / Travis Scott / Una Rams. Have your own sonic imprint, create your own style and don’t stop creating!! Be wise and strategic about your decisions and think outside the box, but most importantly – enjoy the process! Good luck.

Attendance is free, you just need to register at PUMA SELECT.co.za, and ensure you arrive early to avoid disappointment. PUMA SELECT Courtyard, corner of De Korte and Melle street.

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