Weylandts, renowned for sourcing different types of wood from many origins to craft intricate and iconic furniture, has many trademark wood offerings including their Munggur tables range. These unique tables bring a natural and serene aesthetic to any room.

Each tabletop is made from a solid slab of organic Munggur that has been personally selected and given the nod of approval by Chris Weylandt himself. The wood is a beautiful natural brown in colour. 

Thriving abundantly in the tropical forests of Indonesia due to their fast-growing traits, giant Munggur trees (often known as rain trees) can grow up to 60 meters tall with beautiful, umbrella-shaped crowns that can grow to around 80 meters wide!

This durable hardwood has a straight grain and a lovely natural brown colour. It is cut into slabs up to 5 inches thick that retain the natural curves of the tree in order to beautifully showcase the pattern of life rings that guarantee each table is an absolute original, with no two tables ever being the same.

Weylandts offers dining tables in 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5-meter options, ensuring that anyone can own one no matter their space requirements! Circular coffee tables are also available and make for a stunning, yet durable feature in any living room or patio.

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