“When you visit a friend’s apartment or house for the first time and ask for a tour, the living room sparks a conversation about the exposed brick or any photos, instruments, or unique items on display, the stove and dishwasher are the talked about amenities in the kitchen, the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and the bathroom gets an “It’s over there” with a point in that direction.”– Justin DeMarco, Thought Catalog


Over the years, as houses become sanctuaries that transcend the mere function of providing shelter, the role of the bathroom is also transforming. Your bathroom is more than just a place that you give directions to; it is part of the story of the sanctuary you are trying to create, and it can be a masterpiece in the gallery that is your home. Interior design is not only limited to bedrooms, the lounge, kitchen and dining room—the bathroom is also getting attention from designers, who are becoming more innovative in their approach to décor and furnishings. More effort is going into conceptualising the bathroom as a greater part of the design project instead of a simple “utilitarian room.”

Decorex SA has identified bathroom trends that position the bathroom as an essential room in any house, deserving of attention. “The past few years, we’ve really seen some significant changes in bathroom style and design,” said Sian Cullingworth, Portfolio Director at Reed Exhibitions. “From a utilitarian room that bore no real design consequence, the bathroom has evolved into a really integral space within the home, drawing a lot of attention to elements such as furniture, colours and spatial perception.”



*Bathroom trends taking over 2019


With space at a premium, many are turning to smaller bathrooms that incorporate design techniques to enhance the perception of ample space. There is also a preference of front bathroom ‘walls’ to be finished with frameless glass, thereby incorporating the bathroom into the bedroom itself.


Walk-in Showers

The frameless trend continues into showers where the black hardware – as opposed to the traditional chromed finish – is gaining traction. There is also a move towards walk-in showers comprising a single, frameless screen.


The bathroom has evolved into a really integral space within the home


Internal Glass Doors and Large Mirrors

Within the bathroom, glass doors are trending over the traditional wooden doors. These can be clear or sandblasted for a more discreet effect. Another fantastic space-enhancing technique is the incorporation of large mirrors within the bathroom.


Mosaic and Wooden Tiles

Created from glass, mosaic tiles – in a range of colours – are becoming a popular aesthetic. Because of the nature of the tiles, they’re hygienic, non-porous and resistant to stain and mildew, making them a particularly attractive option. Another local décor trend that is following on from European trends is the use of wooden tiles in the bathroom. The flexibility of aesthetic and durable nature is seeing them incorporated more and more.


Investing in the design of your bathroom is worthwhile because it is so much more than just a room where you go to relieve yourself or get clean. For most of us, the bathroom is where we start and end our day. For others it is a place of refuge and when you need to unwind or escape the heaviness of life.

*Bathroom trends provided by Decorex SA. 

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