Indoor and outdoor furniture specialists Mobelli Furniture + Living, has shared some of the more popular furniture trends across Joburg, in line with Decorex Joburg happening 7 – 11 August at the Gallagher Convention centre. Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living, says that local interior design is no longer only following global trends, but is re-interpreting and re-designing global tendencies to suit the African continent.

As a result, mixed materials are growing in popularity and according to Sachs, combinations of tactile and natural materials are being incorporated to create unusual pieces for the home.

There has been a lot of talk about minimalism and decluttering your home. Sachs says that there is also a move toward maximalism in interior design, which doesn’t mean chaos, but rather an eclectic celebration of the expression of intriguing personalities. Maximalism is about breaking the rules of style and it is a much-needed switch up from the long-serving minimalism norms. More is more! You can express your personality through your interior without following every single rule in the book.

Indoor And Outdoor Furniture

Trends are moving away from stark, personality-void interiors to authentic spaces anchored in self-expression. Homes are becoming a place for healing – our own personal sanctuary. With the collective consciousness becoming increasingly aware of the impact of consumerism on our planet and its inhabitants, we will continue to see a movement towards meaningful pieces. People are becoming more thoughtful about acquiring long-lasting pieces to create interiors that are intrinsically unique.

Sachs also shared some tips for selecting the pieces for your home that not only speak your personality but works in your space.

Consider some of the following:

Determine the size of the area by establishing the exact dimensions and remember to measure the dimensions of the entrance too. After all, the size of the entrance will determine the size of the furniture.

While remaining on trend with your interiors is important, remember that trends come and go. At Mobelli, they advocate going for contemporary, classic, large-ticket items in earthy tones which don’t date. To incorporate the latest interiors trends into your home occasional chairs and smaller items will bring personality into the room. These can be relatively inexpensive to replace as trends change.

Indoor And Outdoor Furniture

Consider incorporating a range of furniture pieces with different characteristics. If you’re opting for a serene and calm area for rest and recovery, keep the furniture pieces similar to avoid ‘visual noise’. If you’re after lively and energetic, throw in a curated piece of artwork, match it up with an extra-large sofa and statement piece and achieve that on-trend, cohesive look easily.

And finally, be sure to balance the scale of furniture pieces by bearing in mind the size of various furniture pieces in relation to each other, as well as the size of the space. Consider different pieces to create height and depth in the space – aim to create unity and don’t forget to leave white space around the furniture. BLQ will be at Decorex, come find us in Hall 5 and say hello!

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