The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) has partnered with Cape Town-based designer and tessellation artist Faatimah Mohamed-Luke to create an interactive building block campaign entitled ‘Build’.

Darren Ravens, marketing manager at UCT GSB, says that collaborating with Faatimah seemed like a natural fit as the artist is not only multi-faceted but is also an entrepreneur who employs business skills quite successfully in the art world.

Faatimah was a founding partner of a successful design brand, after which she decided to shift from fashion to art. She realised that she would need to hone her current skills and learn some new ones to enable her to thrive in a different industry. It is no accident that Faatimah creates large-scale tessellation pieces as she understands the process of building, connection and structure.  

UCT’s Graduate School of Business in collaboration with the artist produced a series of 3 build packs that demonstrate the institutions’ commitment to innovation and excellence. UCT GSB is rated as Africa’s top business school and some foundational concepts to learning are represented in the pack: business acumen, leadership and sustainable thinking. 

More and more people are changing careers at a later stage in their lives or are working towards their own ventures whilst still employed. The ‘side-hustle’ is increasingly becoming somewhat of a necessity with uncertain industries and economic difficulties becoming a new future reality. Entrepreneurial journeys require a different set of skills and even if one remains employed, the world is changing at a lightning pace and it is important for career growth to keep updating one’s skills. Continuous learning and keeping a finger on the pulse is not only imperative for any entrepreneurial venture but also to keep offering competitive contributions in the workplace. 









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